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Triple-Draw Lowball: Part IV

First-round strategy

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Sep 04, 2009


You’ve seen common mistakes made by beginners in deuce-to-seven triple-draw lowball, the game often called simply triple-draw. Now, you need a strategy. First Round When you play, almost always come in for a raise. You will see plenty of players limp in with a weak draw, particularly three cards, and then get stuck playing for two bets with a hand they probably shouldn’t have been in for even one bet. You also will see them limp in with a good draw or even a good pat hand when they should be making the other players pay for the privilege of trying to outdraw them. The best reason to come in for a raise is that you will discover that the others will call with their weak hands whether you limp or whether you raise; clearly, when you have better hands than they have, you want them to put in more ...

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