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Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s necessary for fully developing your game

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Sep 04, 2009


You can’t fully develop your game without breaking out of your comfort zone. The term “comfort zone” usually applies to the stakes that you play, and many authorities recommend remaining in it. If the stakes are too small, you will be bored and careless. If they are too high, you will be scared and indecisive. You also have comfort zones for limit/no-limit/pot-limit, stud/Omaha/hold’em, the number of opponents and their playing styles, tournaments versus cash games, specific plays, and your general playing style. I’ll focus on your stylistic comfort zone because it is extremely hard to change, and it affects virtually everything. For example, if you’re conservative, you will be more comfortable and get better results in low-limit, full-table cash games. You can wait for good cards and play them straightforwardly, which gives you an edge over loose and careless players. If you move up to higher limits, switch to no-limit, ...

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