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The Wrong Things to Think About

Making a losing play for image purposes

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Sep 04, 2009


You are entering the middle stages of a tournament. You are pleased that you have been playing steady poker and have worked your starting stack of 5,000 up to 6,800. With 100-200 blinds, you are in the big blind with 8-8. A tough, aggressive player who has been raising more than his share makes it 700 to go. He has paid a bit for his aggression, and has 4,500 in his stack before the raise. You put him on two overcards and make the call after everyone else folds. You like the rainbow flop of 9-6-2. You decide to check and wait for your opponent to make a normal continuation-bet of 1,200 or so into the 1,600 pot, then make a move. However, after you check, he moves all in for 3,800. He has been aggressive, but he has not been reckless, and here he is suddenly making a move ...

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