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Nuggets of useful instruction

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jul 24, 2009


In another corner of my multifurcated career, I consult with scriptwriters on the development and execution of their screenplays. One of the points I stress to them is that if they can’t reduce their story idea to one clear, powerful sentence, they don’t yet have a sufficiently firm grasp on the story they’re trying to tell. Meanwhile, over here in this corner of my multifurcated career, I find — no surprise — that the same is true in poker. If you can’t reduce your strategy, tactic, cautionary tale, or lesson learned to a single, simple, clear, coherent thought, you don’t yet understand it. With this in mind, let’s boil a few strategies and tactics down to their simplest terms and see how we can use this information to improve our game. The point of this minimalist symbology is to give us easy nuggets of information — wisdomettes, if you will ...

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