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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Dan 'Wretchy' Martin

A Weird River Bet Looks Fishy to Dan ‘Wretchy’ Martin

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 24, 2009


Craig Tapscott: The PokerStars Sunday rebuy event attracts the very best online players in the game. Dan “Wretchy” Martin: It is by far one of the sickest tournaments of the week. This one gets over 1,000 players, so it doesn’t hurt to gamble a bit; I might drop a few more hundred in order to build a big stack. I believe that in this specific tournament, I was in for $500. I lost one flip during the rebuy period, and ended up with roughly 8,000 in chips. CT: Please share your strategy during the rebuy period. Are you a maniac or do you wait for the loose-aggressive players to spew chips to you, or something in between the two? DM: I just like to pick my spots. If it comes down toward the end of the hour and I have less than 3,000 in chips, I like to gamble it ...

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