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Adjusting to Your Image

Always be aware of your current image

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Jul 24, 2009


One thing that you must continuously consider as you play is your image — meaning, how you appear to your opponents. I am not talking about deportment or how pleasant or nasty you are, but how you seem to be playing. Most of your opponents have fairly short time horizons, and what you have done recently dominates their thinking. As I discuss in my book, Advanced Limit Hold’em Strategy, there are two types of table images: manufactured and evolved. A manufactured image is one that you go out of your way to create, whether it’s by how you dress, how you talk, or how you act. For example, dying your hair purple may indicate to your opponents that you are a wild and loose player, while the exact opposite may be true. Evolved image is the result of what happens at the table. If you sit down and happen to ...

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