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Capture the Flag -- Joe Cassidy

by Kristy Arnett |  Published: Jul 24, 2009


Joe Cassidy’s subdued and friendly demeanor off the felt would never hint that he is a cutthroat killer in high-stakes cash games. He’s considered one of the best limit hold’em players in the world by many of his peers, and also has enjoyed considerable success in mixed cash games, as well as in no-limit hold’em tournaments; he has nearly $1 million in tournament winnings. Kristy Arnett: When you first started playing cash games, what games and stakes did you play? Joe Cassidy: The first game I ever played in was a $2-$5 spread-limit game, which means you can bet between $2 and $5. It was in Colorado. I grew up in Wyoming, and my uncle and I drove there when I was 18 during Christmas break of my freshman year of college. I had a little business at the time. I was selling baseball cards and sports memorabilia on the ...

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