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The Scoop -- Phil Gordon

by The Scoop |  Published: Jul 24, 2009


Phil Gordon has always been on the fast track. He graduated from college at the age of 20, and was working for the government at an artificial-intelligence company at 21. He then went to work for NETSYS Technologies, which was sold to Cisco Systems for $95 million. Since then, he’s been a highly successful tournament player and won a World Poker Tour title in 2004 at the Bay 101 Shooting Stars event. He also founded the charity initiative Bad Beat on Cancer. Phil Gordon: I think success in different arenas breeds contempt. Adam Schoenfeld: Even with our tiny notoriety, we have haters. PG: You have haters? Who could hate you guys? You are the most likable guys in poker. Diego Cordovez: Adam has a strong group of haters who follow him around. PG: Well, you [Adam] are an overrated donkey. DC: Every time Adam appears on ESPN, their resentment doubles. ...

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