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Playing A-3 in Omaha High-Low

A frightening ‘opportunistic’ holding

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Jul 24, 2009


Some people say that there isn’t much skill involved in Omaha high-low. It is clearly more difficult to judge what your opponents might be holding in a high-low game. But having two ways of winning creates more opportunities to exercise good judgment. And knowing what cards generally win and understanding what cards should be folded gives a good player more opportunities to make advantageous decisions. They say that hold’em is a game of high cards and seven-card stud is a game of live cards. I submit that Omaha high-low is a game of opportunistic cards. The “opportunistic” holding that frightens me perhaps the most in Omaha high-low is the one containing A-3 (like pocket jacks in hold’em). Although A-3 is clearly one of the better holdings, you occasionally are threatened with losing a number of double-size bets to an A-2 on the last two rounds of betting. But when a ...

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