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Heads Up for Rolls

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Jun 02, 2009


Two online players at a full ring table get into a chat-box war. Little stars appear in place of some of their increasingly colourful language. They insult each other’s Sharkscope graphs and play in general, and then one of them says something like, “OK, you’re so good, let’s play heads up. Right now. Pick a table, ****.” Sound familiar? Most of the time one or both angry players tilt off their money right where they are and disappear, but occasionally you actually get people facing off one-on-one, in what is seen to be the purest test of the skill of one player over another. While these one-off ego-battlers’ sample size of hands played is never even close to conclusive, the emotional result of losing or winning heads up is something unquantifiable. There is no middle ground — you will either lose or win (a heads-up tournament) or end up showing ...

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