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Hand 2 Hand Combat --Laurence "riverman1" Houghton

Falls for the Nuts in a Seductive Hand

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Jun 02, 2009


Rebecca McAdam: Can you set the scene? Laurence Houghton: I was at the European Poker Tour Copenhagen, and was mid-way through day 2. RM: When you get to day 2, does the way you play change? LH: Yeah, it does, I play more aggressively. RM: So, what happened? LH: I raise with 10 10 in middle position, and everybody folds to the big blind, who calls. Flop: 6 3 3. Villain bets half the pot; Houghton calls. RM: Why just a call? LH: I called as I had been on the table with him for a while now and knew he was very aggressive. RM: Are you not in danger of him catching something? LH: Well if he was bluffing which I thought he was, I wanted him to bluff his whole stack off. Turn: Q Villain bets 10,000; Houghton calls. RM: What were you thinking at this point? LH: ...

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