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Taking the Series Seriously

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Jun 02, 2009


With the World Series of Poker looming ahead, Card Player caught up with some familiar poker faces to find out how they prepare, what events they may play, and impart advice to the less experienced. Peter Eastgate “Right now I am looking at either renting a house or a condo with some of my Danish poker friends for this year’s World Series of Poker in order to create a healthy and relaxed environment in preparation. It is quite simple — in order to optimise your perfomance you need to think of how you eat, drink, sleep, and exercise to improve your physical and mental balance. Obviously it is important to make a budget of what you are willing to risk while playing the Series, so you keep yourself comfortably with the stakes you are playing. I will be arriving a couple of days before the 40,000 hold’em in order to ...

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