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No Fun in the Sun

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Jun 02, 2009


I caught a great break a couple of weeks ago. Kevin O’Connell contracted to marry the lovely Leona in St Kitts and as Kevin doesn’t have any friends he invited his poker acquaintances along to witness the event. It was a long plane journey, so I decided to do something useful and read a bit of Harrington on Hold’em on the way. I got as far as the bit where he was going on about controlling the size of the pot. When I started playing poker, the size of the pot usually depended on whether you were winning or losing, so I watched a movie instead. This was a mistake. A bridesmaid had been appointed but there was a vacancy in the best man department. It was decided that this spot would be filled by the winner of a one-hand poker tournament to be contested by all the guys. The ...

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