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Antepost: Rounding Up the Best Betting Markets

by Ray Zee |  Published: Jun 02, 2009


by Roy Brindley This month I’m taking a look at some of my favourite betting coups from over the years. 6,479/1 Novelty Bet Accumulator (1989) On New Year’s Eve 1989, a 40-year-old night-shift worker from Newport, South Wales walked into his local betting shop and placed an audacious £30 accumulator which banked on a series of happenings before the turn of the millennium. The punter’s selections, all novelty bets, were: singer Cliff Richard being knighted (4-1), U2 remaining a pop group (3-1), Eastenders still being around as a BBC soap opera (5-1), and both Neighbours (5-1) and Home Away (8-1) remaining on British television screens. Remarkably, all his prayers were answered and two days into the new millennium he walked back into the shop and asked for his winnings, which amounted to £194,400. Nobody had passed on the bet to head office but after a couple of days it was ...

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