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Sport of Kings

by David Downing |  Published: Jun 02, 2009


Whenever I hear poker described as a sport I laugh. Or cry. It is almost beyond the ridiculous and into the absurd. Is it really right to compare the zeniths of sporting achievement, like for example, the tumultuous, emotionally strewn Federer—Nadal Wimbledon final last year, to a bunch of pasty faced Scandies and overweight, overloud Yanks sat around a table with green cloth on it, gently moving pieces of paper and colourful circles of clay? Here are my views on how poker is like a sport: You Can Behave Like a P@ick Year after year the ESPN coverage has highlighted some truly terrible behaviour at the World Series of Poker. When they were “on their backs” back in the day, before the TV came, it used to be that there was a tightening of the lips, a grimace, and a firm handshake. Now we can watch the likes of Mathias ...

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