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The Greatest TV Hand I’ve Ever Seen

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: Jun 02, 2009


Having already covered a Tom “Durrrr” Dwan hand in this series, I had no intention of reviewing another one of his hands. However, recently when I watched the latest High Stakes Poker (episode two) I saw a hand that almost made me fall of my chair. In all the televised poker I have ever seen, this is by far the best hand. It is one of the only hands in which I had no idea what was going on until afterwards, when I finally managed to put the pieces together. They are playing eight-handed, the blinds are 400/800 with a 200 ante. Barry Greenstein, who is playing extraordinarily tight (so tight that at one stage Eli Elezra chides him over it), opens under the gun to $2,500. Durrrr then calls with Q-10 suited. This sets off a chain reaction where Benyamine calls with 3-3, Elezra calls with J-9 offsuit, Ilarie ...

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