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|  Published: Jun 02, 2009


by Aodhan Elder A Song for Europe Given the millions of lives lost and massive destruction Europe suffered as a result of being the main battleground of World War II, having a song and a dance scarcely seems an adequate means of rehabilitating the rifts. The ostentatious kitsch we now associate with the Eurovision Song Contest almost seems outrageously inappropriate, but rather unbelievably, the show was, in part, envisaged as a means of repairing the fragmented relationships between the nations and citizens of Europe. Ironically, the events of recent years have created new, almost comic, divisions, but regardless of the socio-cultural implications of the event, it will be one of the biggest non-sport betting heats of the year. The theory that the people of eastern Europe group together to vent their frustrations at the major powers of the continent via the medium of the Contest is one that has gained ...

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