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by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 10, 2019


For most American sports, sportsbooks deal three major markets for each game. They deal one total market, and two sides. The total represents a median outcome of the game. Bets on either side are priced at close to 50 percent break-even (with vig added from there). In football and basketball, the sides are a money line and a point spread. The point spread also represents the median outcome of the game. In baseball and hockey, the sides are a money line, and a run or puck line, where the run or puck line are fixed at 1.5 and do not represent a median outcome. Mathematically, there’s nothing special about these three markets. These markets are chosen because they’re interesting to bettors. “Who will win the game?” is the core bet on any sport, so money lines are always interesting. But when one team is a huge favorite over the other, ...

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