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Real Poker: Position: It Can Be A Relative Thing

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Apr 10, 2019


Much has been written about the importance of position. When last to act, you have all the information from your opponents’ actions to incorporate into your decisions. It’s an advantageous spot; and your decisions should be highly informed. That said, your relationship to other players can have value transcending being on the button. Your situational relationship to a bettor or a likely bettor can either add or subtract value from your holding. Say a player raises under-the-gun preflop and you’re next to act. Any call or raise you make will assume varying degrees of risks from players to act behind you. Those risks exist every time you’re not closing out the action. Their unforeseen calls and raises might have changed your action had you known they were going to occur. You may get raised and have to fold or call additional chips, reducing your implied odds and your hand’s equity. ...

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