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Ego and Game Selection

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Apr 10, 2019


Last night I was playing at my local casino and it was a bit slow. It was a Sunday, which are busy during football season, but slow otherwise. There are two main games that I play there. The one that runs every day, $2-$3-$5 Big O is consistent and generally a good game. The $5-$5 pot-limit Omaha/Big O mix runs on Fridays and a couple other times throughout the week depending on who is around. If both games are going, I usually prefer the $5-$5 as it plays quite a bit bigger, so even if the game is a little worse than the $2-$3-$5, my hourly rate should still be higher. Last night, however, this wasn’t true. Some of the tighter players from the $2-$3-$5 game that don’t always play $5-$5 came over to start the game and it wasn’t great. Now, usually, it’s difficult to assess a game’s dynamics ...

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