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Contracts and Poker: Rules of Interpretation

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Apr 10, 2019


An astute reader questioned something I wrote in my column on Solver Charts and Apps (Card Player Vol. 32, Issue 6). I wrote that the TDA rules did not prohibit paper solver charts (guides to which hands to go all in when short-stacked). He pointed out that TDA Rule 4 clearly states, “Betting apps and charts should not be used by players with live hands.” Was I mistaken? The rule provides in full: 4:  Electronic Devices and Communication Players may not talk on a phone at the table. Ring tones, music, etc. should be inaudible to others. Betting apps and charts should not be used by players with live hands. Other devices, tools, photography, videography, and communication must not create a nuisance and are subject to house and gaming regulations. Let’s look at this rule in light of the rules for drafting contracts. First of all, in contract drafting, language ...

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