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Contracts and Poker: Definitions

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Jul 04, 2018


A player hustles back to her seat after the break. The dealer sees her by the 4-seat as he deals the last card, but she doesn’t make it to her seat, which is the 1-seat, until after the last card is dealt. Is her hand dead? Bonus question. Luckily for her, it may not matter that she was not at her seat, because the dealer discovers that he misdealt the cards. Does she get a hand on the redeal? Definitions are important in contracts and in legislation. In a famous case, read by every first year law student, a wholesaler contracted with a distributor to sell “chicken.” The buyer, who was expecting frying chicken, was surprised that he got a shipment of stewing chicken. Did the buyer have a valid complaint? Since the parties had not clarified what they meant, the court looked to trade usage. But it seems that ...

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