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Hardware, Software, Data Mining and Poker

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jul 04, 2018


If you want to be really good at poker, you need to develop your habits and mental powers. Poker is an intellectual game. You obtain edges by making superior decisions than your opponents. And it’s not enough to know what to do; you must also do it. That’s obvious, of course, but a connection many fail to make. Your brain is similar to a computer. You have memory (hardware), information processing (data mining) and thought processes (software) that all go into analyzing any poker situation. The accuracy of your analyses will determine your poker success. Your hardware remembers data and past analyses and utilizes that information to analyze a decision. The better your memory and your mental processing skills, the better poker decisions you’ll make. Your brain will have good and bad days, some natural, some induced by you! You can utilize good sleep habits, physical exercise, no drug and ...

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