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Busting the WPT Tournament of Champions

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jul 04, 2018


After studying a lot and taking sixth place in the WPT Bobby Baldwin Poker Classic at Aria for $74,000, I was feeling great going into the $15,000 buy-in WPT Tournament of Champions. My seat draw was decent enough, but I was knocked down to 60 big blinds after my A-A lost to quads on an incredibly dry board. I don’t remember the exact action, but I may have been able to fold to my opponent’s large river bet. Then again, I am not known for folding the top of my range. About four hours into play, the following hand came up that cut my experience short. An overly loose, splashy player limped from the hijack seat and a good, loose-aggressive player raised to 3.25 big blinds from the cutoff. A good, loose-aggressive online kid then three-bet to 12.5 big blinds from the small blind. All of these players started with ...

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