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Simple vs. Complicated Strategies

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jul 04, 2018


The World Series of Poker is underway. During its first week, many players have complained about the dealers. After a dealer error or some confusion, it is common to hear a dealer say, “This is my first, (or second or third) day dealing poker.” I respectfully suggest that the WSOP offer a cheap dealer training course for a week before the series starts. If 1,000 potential dealers signed up at $100 each, the WSOP would make about $100,000 and have a pool of reasonably trained dealers for the series. I hope Jack Effel reads Card Player. Now to the real topic of this article. In many situations, you have a choice of following a simple strategy or a complicated one. In general, simpler strategies are easier to learn and to use. They are also harder to exploit. Complicated strategies can be more effective, but they are harder to create and ...

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