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Three Skills To Beat $5-$10

by Ed Miller |  Published: Feb 18, 2015


My upcoming book, No-Limit Hold’em Made Simple, is a practical guide to winning in live no-limit cash games. It starts with what you need to stop losing at $1-$2, and it adds on skills until you get to what you need to beat $5-$10. I’m devoting a few articles to give you a taste for my recipe to conquer everyday cash games. Last article, I covered the skills needed to beat a $2-$5 game. In this article I’ll talk about the extra tricks you’ll need once you move up to $5-$10. Skill #8. Exploiting Aggression Skill #2 was a simple commandment. Don’t pay people off. If they bet big on the turn or river, they won’t be bluffing often enough to justify a call. So fold. Fold and don’t think twice. That skill is very useful in $1-$2 and $2-$5 games. It can be useful in $5-$10 games as well—against ...

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