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The Poker Player’s Manifesto — Part XIII - Make Friends with Variance

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Feb 18, 2015


I hear poker players complain about variance more than anything that has to do with poker. Most poker players are under the assumption that the best hand should always win for some reason, and most poker players feel like they get unlucky more than most other poker players. There sure are a lot of unlucky poker players out there, but that is simply because luck is a word used to describe variance and variance is as much a part of poker as cards and chips are. If there was no variance, then there would be no game of poker as we know it. Instead, poker would be regarded like chess or billiards, where the best player almost always wins. I could never beat a golfer at golf, but any golfer can beat me at poker, and thus poker remains a game that is attractive to all people. Becoming friends with ...

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