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One Hand, Three Levels

by Matt Matros |  Published: Feb 18, 2015


Borgata’s multi-million-dollar guarantee tournaments get thousands of entries, and what makes these events especially appealing (aside from the enormous potential payday) is that you face players of all skill levels—many of whom are willing to share their thought process with you between hands. It’s fascinating to see people at so many different stages of their poker development competing for the same prize. I played a huge pot in the first event of the recent Borgata Winter Open, and the comments from my opponents showed how beginning, intermediate, and advanced players could view the same hand from distinct perspectives. I’ll describe the action and show you what I mean. With blinds of 800-1,600 and a 200 ante, the under the gun (UTG) player opened for 3,200 and four players called. I called 1,600 more from the big blind 1,600 more with 7-4 offsuit. (This decision is debatable, but I’ll say that, ...

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