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The Mind of a Good Gambler - Part II

by Roy Brindley |  Published: Feb 18, 2015


Playing poker well isn’t just about knowing the correct strategies; you also need to have the correct mindset. And the correct poker mindset isn’t the one you’re naturally hardwired for or you’ve been trained for. Confidence, focus, tilt awareness, and other psychological attributes need to be developed to play poker well. And perhaps of even greater importance, to play poker happily. In poker, small things can make big differences in edge when added up over time. Doing some rough justice, a 2% differential in blended edge over a year to a full time $20-$40 limit hold’em player is $40,000/yr. Such a thin difference in edge-making that much difference in expectation exemplifies the importance of consistency. If you sat these players next to each other, it would be hard to tell the difference. And it’s really easy to get sloppy at the table, justify an error or two here and there, ...

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