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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Feb 18, 2015


January 4 — Tipping is a necessary part of being a professional player Tipping in poker, whether it is to the dealers, floormen, cocktail waitresses, or food servers is one of the most widely-debated topics amongst players that play poker for profit. Obviously if you tip a lot, it can drastically effect your bottom line. However, if you tip too little you will be looked at as a scoundrel and may not receive the best rulings or have ease and mobility in changing tables. People often ask me my position on tipping dealers, specifically. They think that there may not be a reason to tip dealers because the dealer has to do the same job no matter what the circumstance and that tipping would not make them perform any better or worse. Even if this assertion is correct, dealing is part of a service industry just like the wait staff ...

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