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Players Must Act on Hands in a Reasonable Amount of Time

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Oct 15, 2014


During the WSOP, I followed the main event updates on I read one report that was written as follows: One player was taking a long time to act on each hand and it was annoying the other players at the table. He insisted it was within his right to do so saying: “I’ve got two minutes. I play within the rules. I put up $10,000 of my own money. I’m the short stack and I’ve got two minutes to act.” The others appealed to the logic that, since he was short, it would be beneficial to him to see more hands. He still refused to look at his cards before it was his turn to act in case they got a read on him. Tablemates suggested he could look at his cards and, if he had something like 8-3 offsuit, he might fold a bit quicker. He replied in ...

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