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Why You Can’t Beat Low-Limit Games — Part II

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 15, 2014


Part I said many frustrated players blame their losses on “idiotic” opponents, but the main reason is often not correctly evaluating costs (rake, jackpot drop, tips). Decisions which are plus expected value (EV) in low cost games are often minus EV in high cost games. They blame “idiots” because bad beats are so dramatic, but they rarely occur. Because the rake and other costs are a few dollars here and there, they hardly notice them, even though they cost thousands of dollars per year and can destroy your results. You Need A Big Edge. Mike Caro once wrote about a 10 percent rake: “On a final-round bet into a lone opponent (assuming no cap on the rake), you’d need a 5-to-4 edge just to break even – assuming you’d always be called and there were no possibility of a raise.” In some low-limit games, the costs on that final bet ...

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