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Head Games: Adjusting to Over-Aggressive Maniacs and Huge Donkeys in Cash Games With Bart Hanson, Randy Lew, and Corwin Cole

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 15, 2014


Craig Tapscott: You mouth is watering as you sit down at a juicy cash game after observing the table for a while, whether it be live or online. There is an over-aggressive maniac who is in every pot. What situations are you looking to take advantage of and how does it affect your opening ranges when he is to your left? Bart Hanson: We have all been there before. Late night, usually on a weekend, a guy at your table is playing crazy. How should we adjust to being out of position? Whenever a situation like this happens to me, I tend to let the maniac drive the action. I tighten up to his right and usually only open my value hands. At a nittier table, I like to drive the action and open small pairs and suited connectors in late position and commonly isolate weak limpers. I use my ...

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