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The Poker Player’s Manifesto

Part Four - Balance

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Sep 03, 2014


In all things there must be balance. Poker is full of balance. Losers are the ones who pay the winners as well as the rake. Every dollar that comes out of the game came from somebody’s pocket. For every winner of a hand there is a loser. Poker is a game full of impartial balance. The cards don’t care who you are or what you have done in life. The dealer does not have the ability to help one player or another, the dealer is simply the messenger of variance, delivered by a pile of cards randomly arranged. Because poker is so perfectly balanced, the game is beautiful and fun for many people. A life in balance is similarly fun and beautiful for many people. Somebody that takes care of themselves physically, emotionally, and financially is awesome to be around. Poker is an interesting beast that can cover the entire ...

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