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Fun Cash Game Hand

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Sep 03, 2014


I recently watched a poker show and found the following hand quite interesting. I will go through the hand and list everything I thought was of note. Enjoy! Player A, a fairly straightforward player with $2,200 raised to $30 with A 8 at $5-$10 no-limit from middle position and Player B, an excellent loose-aggressive (LAG) with $2,500 reraised to $95 from the hijack with 10 8. Player C, a tight-aggressive (TAG) with $1,500 elected to call $95 on the button with A Q. Player A with A 8 called $65 more. I am perfectly fine with the initial raise and reraise. Player B could also call. However, in position, he should tend to apply pressure and build a pot that he will often steal postflop. I think Player C should have reraised or folded, although calling is an acceptable option. The main problem Player C will face is that if ...

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