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Reversing Bet-Sizing Tells

by Ed Miller |  Published: Sep 03, 2014


If you ask most people what’s so great about no-limit hold’em versus limit hold’em, they’ll tell you that it’s in the bet sizing. In no-limit you can bet however much you think you need to get the job done. If you are trying to push someone off a hand, you can bet big and really put the screws to them. If you are trying to squeak out a crying call, you can size your bet just small enough that your opponent won’t be able to resist. For me, however, probably my favorite aspect of no-limit hold’em is the bet-sizing tells. My opponents feel like they can size their bets to try to accomplish what they want. And I can figure out what they’re trying to accomplish by looking at their bet sizing. I use this class of tells all the time. In live no-limit cash games, I rely on them ...

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