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Learning No-Limit from Scratch: Knowing When to Fight

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Sep 03, 2014


I’ve read several no-limit books and viewed some videos which mostly discussed game theory, approximate percentages to call, etcetera. All of that is good knowledge to create a baseline of understanding of how to play. That said, most of the current poker literature is centered on online play and based mostly on math and computer models. That’s all relatively easy for any intelligent person to learn. But live poker is face to face, bringing more human aspects into the matrix. You don’t have the massive information of a poker tracking program prior to every decision. However, you can read your opponents’ psychology, skill and sophistication, and utilize that information in formulating your best play. What gets very complicated is knowing why, when and how much to modify from basic game theory. And that knowledge gives us an edge over those intelligent poker players who fail to adjust. I’d been playing ...

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