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Winning Poker Tournaments III – Hand No. 23

by Matthew Hilger |  Published: Sep 03, 2014


Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume III by Jon “PearlJammer” Turner, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet, and yours truly, analyzes fifty online poker hands. In Volume III, PearlJammer, Rizen, and Apestyles analyze the same hands and then I give a summary of lessons learned at the end of the hand. This article looks at hand No. 23. Seat 1: 3,025,660 Seat 3: 6,627,126 Seat 4: 19,29,172 Seat 6: 3,440,945 Button Seat 7: 4,426,702 Small Blind (SB) Seat 8: 2495395 Big Blind (BB) Hero 70,000-140,000 Blinds, 17,500 Ante Setup: This is the final table in an $11 freezeout. The villain in this hand appears to be an average player — not too loose-aggressive, but frequently opening pots with a raise. I have reraised twice at the final table, showing down queens once.   Preflop A 6 (315,000): Seat 6 raises to 325,000. What do you do? ...

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