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Winning Poker Tournaments III – Hand No. 41

by Matthew Hilger |  Published: May 14, 2014


This is hand No. 41 from the best-selling Winning Poker Tournaments Volume III by “PearlJammer”, “Rizen”, “Apestyles”, and myself. Seat 6 Hero (BTN): 183,288 Seat 1 SB: 222,204 Seat 2 BB: 133,426 Seat 3 UTG: 348,720 Seat 4 MP: 25,060 Seat 5 CO: 125,302 2,500-5,000 Blinds, (600 Ante) Setup: You are at the final table of a $100 one rebuy/one add-on tournament. The big blind (BB) is an accomplished online player. Play has been very aggressive. First place pays $12,000 and sixth place pays $2,100. Preflop 4 4 (11,100): The action folds to you. What do you do? PearlJammer With a pair on the button and more than 20 BBs, this should be an automatic raise of whatever my standard amount has been. I raise to 11,750. Rizen Pocket fours is an above-average hand on the button, but can be very tricky to play postflop against aggressive players with these ...

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