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Irrefutable Southern Logic - Sometimes doubling up doesn’t mean you have twice as much

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: May 14, 2014


It is always cool to make a final table. Our goal is always to win the tournament, and if we cannot win the tournament then our goal should be to win the most money possible. It doesn’t matter how many antes we steal, how many pots we bluff, how many chips we have or once had, it only matters when we lose our chips unless we win all the chips. Never forget that those colored discs in front of you represent life and survival, nothing else. If you have some, then you may continue to play in the tournament. If you do not, then you cannot, and then you cannot collect money. The only thing the biggest pile of betting discs means is that you are most likely to win the tournament and least likely to go broke next. I often mention the theory of ICM, or Independent Chip Model, ...

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