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Cash Game Observations: Part II

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 14, 2014


In my last article, I discussed traits my opponents exhibited that certainly cost them money at the cash game table. In this article, I want to discuss some alterations that must be made to my game to increase my profitability. During my four day, 60-hour long session at the Commerce, I made a point to sleep around eight hours per night. Despite this, I was somewhat lethargic at the table. I think I should have played around 12 hours per day instead of 15. This would have allowed me three additional hours in the day to relax, study and work out. I didn’t work out at all during this period, which certainly hurt my mindset. Now that I am back at home, I am making a point to go to the gym six days per week during the next two weeks for a moderate work out. While going to the ...

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