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Defining a Range

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: May 14, 2014


“Do you have a straight?” he said to me. We were all in on a flop of A 4 2 in a raised pot with only 100 big blind (BB) stacks and I was in the small blind (SB) at a full table. Of course I didn’t have 5-3 for a raise in the SB. I had flopped top pair and a flush draw. The preflop raiser had bet last to act, I called knowing I was super far ahead and not really worrying about being drawn out on when the first limper check raised, the preflop raiser called, I shoved, the limper shoved, and the raiser folded. His first worry was whether his top two was beat. I obviously could have him beat in this situation but never with a straight. However, we often define our opponent’s range in terms of our range. Since he could have a straight ...

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