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Testing Your Analysis

by Matt Matros |  Published: May 14, 2014


Think of a poker hand you played recently, preferably one that went to the river. Got one in mind? Good. Now review your decisions on every street from start to finish. At each point, determine if there was any way to improve your play, or if an expert might’ve used a different thought process to arrive at his or her decision. Try your best to look at the hand from a fresh perspective, removing yourself from the analysis as much as possible. For extra credit, repeat this exercise for a few dozen of your recent hands, recording ratings of your own play. OK, now that you’ve taken these steps for one or more of your hands, it’s time for the real test to begin. (Faked you out, didn’t I!) The real test — the one that determines how influenced you are by results, and whether you’re capable of honest assessments ...

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