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Ace-X Suited In No-Limit

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Nov 27, 2013


Ace-X suited is at best a marginal starting hand at limit hold’em, partly because the size of the pot you might win hardly justifies the long odds against making a flush (or better hand). However, at no-limit hold’em, when you do make the nut flush, you might score up a very big win. Thus, playing an A-x suited at no-limit is often a worthwhile speculation if the price is right. You should be aware that you will flop a flush less than one percent of the time. The most likely flush scenario is that you will flop two cards of your suit (about 11 percent of the time) and then complete your flush with two cards coming about one-third of that time (34.3 percent). With only one card of your suit in the flop (41.6 percent), you will make a “backdoor flush” only about four percent of the time. Of ...

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