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Avoiding Preflop Overaggression

by Ed Miller |  Published: Nov 27, 2013


Most people don’t play aggressively enough preflop. They don’t raise often enough. They don’t reraise often enough. And they really don’t four-bet or five-bet often enough. Aggression preflop is particularly important when you’re responding to a weak opening range. Say you’re in the small blind. Everyone folds to the button (or cutoff), who opens. You should respond to this open by reraising with most of the hands you play. The majority of players, however, fail to reraise. This aggression is critical because it prohibits your opponents from seeing “free” flops with their blind-stealing junk. Giving away free flops permits your opponents to attack your blinds much more often than they’re entitled to try. Aggression is not nearly as important, however, when you’re responding to a strong opening range. If your opponent’s aggression is reined in by other factors (for example, sitting under the gun in a ten-handed game), it’s not ...

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