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Don’t Be Worried If You Don’t Understand Anyone, They Don’t Understand You Either

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Nov 27, 2013


Many moons ago, before hole card cams and Moneymaker winning the main event, I was talking poker with my buddy on the drive home from Cripple Creek, Colorado. I was the only one talking for the first fifteen minutes, telling him about several hands where I knew exactly what they had and how I confirmed my knowledge of their holdings after getting to showdown and losing. How could he see the flop after I eleventeen bet him pre?!? Then I bombed the flop and he calls me with an underpair! I check-raised the turn, blasted the river, he only beats a bluff, and he still called!!! You know the drill. I roll my eyes and seek to escape the “I play bad beat” story when I hear it nowadays, but back then I was just like them, simply blind to the fact that not everybody plays poker like I do. ...

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