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Are You Trying To Win Too Much Money (Playing Tournaments)?

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Nov 27, 2013


Last time I discussed the ways gamblers try to win too much money in all different forms of wagering, including sports betting and the lottery. Now let’s focus on poker tournaments. Imagine you enter a $1 buy-in, 100-player tournament. It pays ten places, with 10th place paying $2, all the way up to $30 for first. Regarding your strategy and style of play, if you are like most players, then you are probably not too worried about locking up the bottom prize of $2. You are going to play in the manner that maximizes your chances of winning the $30 top prize. Now increase the money tenfold. You might give a little more consideration to collecting $20 for making the money, but you’ll still be focused on the $300 for first place. Multiply the money 10 times again. Now we begin to separate the pros from the amateurs. Amateurs might ...

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