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Poker And Stock Trading Psychology

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jun 26, 2013


Almost everything written about poker psychology is based upon anecdotes and opinions, not scientifically acceptable data. Before online poker, psychologists had hardly any quantitative data on the game. Ingo Fiedler and a few other economists have studied online poker data, but I don’t know of any psychological research about online poker. Some behavioral finance studies can be related to poker psychology, and these researchers have analyzed millions of publicly recorded transactions. They can see exactly when, where, and how investors and traders bought and sold, then slice and dice the data to determine why they made these decisions. Poker players resemble stock traders, not investors. Investors hold stocks for months or years, while traders buy and sell quickly, sometimes in only seconds. Because they have rigorously studied so much data, behavioral finance is far ahead of poker psychology. In fact, a psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, won a Nobel Economics Prize. His ...

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