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A New Way To Keep Score

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Jun 26, 2013


Most poker players, whether amateur or professional, want to win money. For some it enables luxuries, while others rely on it to pay the bills. If we’re honest, though, most of us also keep score with our winnings. That’s why the word “win” is right in there. Standing up with more money than you had when you sat down makes you feel like a winner and reassures you that you are a good player, at least compared to those you’re playing against. Yet most of us also know that collecting money from the pot is only indirectly tied to playing well. It’s entirely possible to play well and lose money, or to play poorly and win money, which makes profit a less-than-ideal measurement of how you played. Still, even ignoring bad beats, it’s quite easy to play well and get your money in bad, or to play poorly and get ...

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