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Be Prepared

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jun 26, 2013


I was going to title this column “You’re Probably Not Prepared,” which is probably true, but undoubtedly harsh, so I went for the softer, more positive, more Boy-Scouty “be prepared” instead. Just trying to stay positive, folks. Just doing my job. But the fact is that you’re probably not prepared. You probably go into most of your poker sessions without the necessary thought, study, rest, inspection, and introspection you need to be successful. Why? Because you probably play poker “just for fun” and doing all that homework just isn’t much fun. And how do I know that these things are true for you? Because they’re 100 percent true for me, and I figured out long ago that if I think or behave a certain way, probably most everyone around me thinks or behaves pretty much the same. Still, maybe you’re blameless in this. Maybe you spend two hours before every ...

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